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« en: Octubre 09, 2012, 04:45:26 »

Hola amigo!:

I would like to invite you to be part of this Weekly Magazine by raising questions and giving me suggestions thorugh e-mail so this magazine can become a good material for all flamenco lovers, researchers and musicians. Enjoy it!

Fall came and with it became stronger the enthusiasm to continue
sharing music, ideas and stuff! That’s the subject of this message:
To let you know that Issue 14 (October 8th, 2012) of my Weekly
Magazine is already online. In this issue are:


A.- Comments, Questions and Answers:

I previously had a guitar varnished in French polished and now it’s
worn off almost completely in just three years of playing with it, but
my model Santos 1927 is perfect even after 6 years. I wonder which
kind of varnish has hence it does sound great and protects very nicely
the guitar. I would like to know according to your experience which
varnishes are better or more resistant for traveling to different

B.- Videos of the Week:

1) How to Make and Use a “Sordina” (1 video)

2) How Carbon Fiber Nut Enhances the Sound of the Guitar let carbon
fiber enhances the sound of the guitar (1 video)

3) Counting on Halfs por Tangos (1 video)

4) Continuation of: "Rhythmic Exercises Zapateado". NEW videos from 4
to 7

5) Continuation of: "Understanding "Gitanos Andaluces" (Bulería). NEW
videos 8 and 9

C.- Video Recommendation of the Week:

 1) Synchronization of Metronomes

 I really hope you like it and if you have any suggestion, question or
comment, I will be glad to know it. Please write to my e-mail at:


 Thank you!

 All the best!
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